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Town and City Documents

Warrant Article Petition Template and Municipal Resolve

The document you use will depend upon how your municipality governs. Contact your Town/City Clerk to find out.   Important tips about petitions and warrant articles:  
If your town requires signatures on a petition in order to get an article in your town's warrant for the annual town meeting: be aware they will probably require that petition you circulate to have the proposed article itself on every page of the petition.  Check with your town clerk about properly wording the article. Double check with the clerk about design of the petition (i.e., what-all columns you need).  
We have provided 2 different examples of possible wording for an article.  The shorter version came from an article that was written with the advice of the town clerk in a small Maine town, and matches their typical warrant article.  The longer version resembles the wording used by some New Hampshire towns last year.  Check with your town to find the best wording for your local needs.

Community Information Resources:  

Here are some resources to address questions that will come up as you talk with your Town Officials and others in your communities:

Tom Berry's CCB4ME Presentation at SOME Planeteers Event April 2021 Tom did a super clear, concise, compelling narrative with this presentation.  Here also is the Powerpoint  Presentation that Tom used in his presentation; you could perhaps use or adapt it for your campaign. To do so, please go to File  - Make a Copy and save the presentation in your own drive; then you can edit as much as you like
Town Meeting Talking Points This is a compilation of questions that frequently come up along with answers!  You may add to this if you have other questions that come up.  Or you can email the Team and they will add your questions.
Ideas For CCB Public Outreach and Education This document has some ideas for ways to bring CCB4ME into public awareness.  It is a work in progress and will be updated as we all come up with new ideas.  Add your ideas to the list if you like!
Resources Created and Used By Town ChampionsThe folder at the link above contains various communications that TC's have used in working with their Town/City Officials.  You may find them useful to adapt for your own Town campaign.   Make your own copy of a document before making changes. 
Posters/Signs Made By Farmington Area Students Perhaps these can be used/adapted in some way for your town campaign!
Dr Drew Barton on Carbon Fee and Dividend   A recent talk for Farmington Area Rotary, Mar 18m 2021, contributed by Fen FowlerThis is a convincing argument and less than 1/2 hr.  The Q& A is another 20 minutes or so.  
Pecha Kucha on CCB4ME by Cynthia Stancioff   Cynthia presented the traditional 20 slides20 seconds each for the CEBE Conference March 2021
Former Senator  Tom Saviello interviews Cynthia Stancioff and Peter Dugas.   Fantastic new resource from Cynthia with cameo appearance by Peter Dugas, CCL Maine's EnRoads Ambassador.  

Town Champion Updates 

   CCB4ME Primer  

  Script for Town Meeting

  Presentations for Town Meeting , Deliberative Session, Select Board Presentation

    Talking Points for Answering Conservatives' Questions 

 Published Media  

Town Meeting Results and Other Related Articles: 

 Op Eds and Letters to the Editor about CCB4ME and the Carbon Cashback Policy - Feel free to plagiarize!

Other Media 

Wall Street Journal Economists' Statement  

The Federal Carbon Cash-Back Bill

Town Champion Updates

Example Bills:

In Congress:

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) is effective at reducing US and global emissions, good for families, good for jobs, protects businesses, and has bipartisan support.

HR 763 Info Sheet