The Carbon Cashback Solution

When pollution is free we get too much of it.  

We can put a price on pollution at the source (coal mine, oil and gas well head, or port of entry) to reduce its efficiently. In doing so we can rebate the money collected to all households equally to compensate us for the damages and costs of that pollution.  This cashback dividend will protect household purchasing power.  This is the most cost-effective and fair way to address the main cause of climate change. 

Carbon Cashback Solution

The Carbon Cashback Solution is our best first step to reduce the main cause of climate change 

Putting a price on carbon emissions from fossil fuels is the most cost-effective way to reduce pollution.  We can do it by charging fossil fuel producers a steadily increasing fee based on the carbon in their products (coal, oil, and natural gas).

The fairest thing to do with the money collected is to distribute it to all households equally to compensate people for the harms being done to them by the pollution.  This cash-back dividend also protects household budgets from the temporarily higher energy prices.

Border carbon adjustments will protect US jobs and businesses, and strongly incentivize other countries to match our carbon price.  That will drive global emissions down as we need for our own safety.

More About Carbon Fee and Dividend

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How a Carbon Fee and Dividend Works.

A carbon fee and dividend puts a price on carbon emissions, so fossil fuel producers pay a steadily increasing fee for their emissions. That money then gets equally distributed between US households to compensate for the harm caused by emissions. 

Most families will receive more money in their monthly cash-back dividend than they will pay in higher prices.  Low-income households will come out the farthest ahead. 

Watch this video to learn more about how this works. 

The Far Middle

The Far Middle is the radical idea that we need to work together to solve our biggest problems, like climate change. After all, what are the chances that one side has all the exact right answers, and the other side has all the exact wrong answers? Exactly zero.

We’re authorizing Democrats and Republicans in Congress to work together on climate solutions. Our future depends on it.

The IMF, World Bank, IPCC, and nearly all US economists say carbon pricing is the most powerful tool to reduce air pollution.

Over 3,500 US economists agree the cheapest and fairest way to reduce climate pollution is:

Support for a Carbon Fee

Who says put a cash-back price on carbon?  Nearly everyone who's looked into it.  

We get the best solutions when both parties work together to address our biggest challenges. 

Watch this video to learn who's talking about it.

Support in the United States

Many groups in the United States are calling for carbon pricing, including:

International Support

Forty-six countries are already pricing carbon

A few countries will soon claim the lead in producing the clean energy solutions that will be used in the global transition to a clean energy economy in the next few decades. Those with meaningful carbon prices are the most likely to become the global energy solution providers of the 21st century.  

See the World Bank's 2020 State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report for the rate of adoption and carbon pricing details.