Maine Communities for Climate Solutions!


Are you looking to make a difference in the climate crisis? Have you sensed that reducing your personal carbon footprint isn’t going to make the kind of difference you’d like to make? You have come to the right place!


Carbon Cashback 4ME (CCB4ME) is a campaign aimed at getting municipalities throughout Maine to pass resolutions supporting a national “carbon fee and dividend” policy solution to reduce greenhouse gasses swiftly, effectively, and fairly, in time to avoid the 2℃ increase in global temperatures.

Through generating grassroots support for big policy action, we can show our Members of Congress that constituents are ready for fair, effective, realistic climate policy that will shift us away from fossil fuels, speed the transition to renewable energy, and swiftly cut the carbon emissions that are responsible for climate change.

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If we act together, big things can happen! Policy solutions that involve wide-scale change in societal energy economics are necessary to reduce carbon emissions enough, and in time. We need to enact effective, swift, and equitable policies to move us away from our destructive energy system. 

For more information about the solution and how you can help, please watch this short introductory video and explore the tabs below. 

The Carbon Cashback Solution

What is Carbon Fee and Dividend?

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The Carbon Cashback 4ME Campaign

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Municipalities on the Map below have active Town Champions or have already endorsed.  We have now also added Endorsements from Businesses, Environmental Organizations  and other Organizations

CCB4ME Colby volunteer Ellie Batchelder has updated the map to include organizations and businesses that have endorsed climate action.  These are endorsements that have been secured by CCL volunteers over the past few years.    We'll continue to update the map as information becomes available.

Green: Town that has Endorsed the Resolution  due to CCL efforts prior to the  current CCB4ME Campaign 

BlueTown or City with Active Town Champions 

Red:  Town or City that passed a Resolution or Article in one of these ways:  a vote by townspeople at a town meeting, a vote by a Town Select Board or a vote by a town or city Council.

Yellow:  Businesses 

Green Pine Tree:  Environmental Organizations 

Miscellaneous Symbols:  for other Organizations