Maine Communities for Climate Solutions!

The science is clear, the costs of inaction are growing, and 11,000 scientists have declared a global climate emergency.

Over 3,500 US economists recommend cash-back carbon pricing as the cheapest and fairest way to rapidly reduce climate pollution. There are many co-benefits of this approach.

The US Congress can follow through, following the recommendation of the Maine Climate Council, with bipartisan legislation in Congress.

You can be a part of creating the political will to make it happen by helping your town vote for effective climate action in 2021!

Please help get a warrant article added to your next Town Meeting.

No town meeting? Work with your town or city to get their endorsement of a climate resolution.

This will enable voters of your town to endorse this effective family and business-friendly climate legislation.

Use these Resources to get started

  1. Files page for:

  • Maine town climate warrant article,

  • a warrant article petition document you can update with your town's name

  • tips on collecting the registered town voter signatures (if required by your town) .

2. Carbon Cash-Back page for more information about the solution

3. Benefits page for independent analysis

Email to get connected with The Carbon Cash Back Team and others who are working on this exciting initiative! We'll provide support and resources to make sure you are well prepared to make a difference. This is a 100% local grassroots, volunteer effort, and we need your help.

Thank you!